Almost There!

Sometimes things go from zero-to-sixty in a hurry.

Before you know it, you’re building a website and trying to create a process to squirrel people through so they can get another chance to display their art in bona fide art gallery.  It’s worth it, though.

In order to pull this off, we had to accept some compromises.  MPLS Photo Center has limited gallery space and we may get flooded with rejected images, and thusly, have to reject rejected images.  We have do address this by using a panel jury.  We’ve used panel juries for Minnesota Exposure to make sure a single taste didn’t always prevail.  We’ll use panel jury in this case to do the same.  All the work submitted to the fair is welcome here.  There are no specific categories or styles that need to be adhered to regarding submissions.

Another compromise is the quality of the finished art piece.  Because your photo is going into a gallery where Vivian Maier‘s work has been displayed, as well as the work of many other professional photographers from around the world, we need to meet a quality standard in terms of fit and finish.  For this reason, we ask that each piece be professionally printed and framed.  Here is where we have an advantage with this exhibit: once your in, you won’t have spent money on an art piece that won’t hang.  To reduce expenses, we’ve contacted our friends in the business to help fast-track the printing and framing process.  Justin Strom of Paint Addict Studios (printing), and Khanh Tran of the Dow Art Gallery (framing) have generously provided discounts on their services. This pair of entrepreneurs have been extremely involved in the art community in the Twin Cities and work to make sure it continues to thrive.   This means that when the exhibition is complete (and you haven’t sold your work for a gazillion bucks), you’ll have a high-quality piece of art you can proudly display.

So, those are our main compromises, and we’ve countered them with a fairer selection process and super-high-quality discounted services.

…And maybe you’ll sell your image during the exhibition for a gazillion bucks!