This exhibition is for the Rejected! ones. Artists, prints in hand, baring their souls on paper for a chance to share their creation with the world.

To be seen. To be appreciated. To be Rejected!

To try again.

It is this dedication that drives them to practice, to persevere through failure, and to succeed. They do this knowing that rejection, or the desire to quit, may come at any time.

Each artist whose heart and soul are displayed on these walls have successfully been Rejected! from the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Competition. They have fought vulnerability, doubting inner-voices, and the judgement of a lone juror to arrive here – soul intact.

The Rejected! exhibition is a celebration of these artists, and their work. Chosen for their beauty, technical expertise, and aesthetic emotion, these creations now have a place for public viewing. An exhibition is what they deserve.

We thank the brave artists whose work you see today, and we thank you for giving them your support and praise.

** The Rejected! Exhibition is a community-based event offering another chance to display work for those whom have been rejected by the Minnesota State Fair Photography Contest.  We are in no way associated with the Minnesota State Fair and it’s photography competitionwe just thought this was a good idea.  And frankly, you have to enter there before you can get into here.  If you didn’t enter this year, you had better do so next year!

This project is / has been carried out by Tomas Alvarez, Jeff Henningsgaard and our gallery host, the AZ Gallery.  The 2021 event image is by Bob Alberti of Albatross Photography.  Model: Lauren Brabec.