2019 Rejected! Exhibition

Congratulations on your rejection from the State Fair Fine Arts Competition!  You’re in fine company!  As the rejection notices are sent, we’re excitedly working on the next Rejected! Exhibition.  If you’ve been to any of our openings, you know it’s a great time!

As usual, some of our setup process is in flight.  Our host for last year is no longer doing shows, so we are in the final stages of selecting a site.

Here is the information we can share right now:

  • We’re hoping to provide the same number of openings as we have in years past
  • We’ll maintain a digital gallery of submitted images on the site
  • We are sponsored, again, by Burning Brothers Brewing.
  • We have an entry fee of $10 that gets put back into the show.

As we work out the final details we will send them out.

Rest assured, the show goes on, and it’s going to be awesome!

Registration is open!